Happy New Year

happy new yearWhat does new years mean to you? I can honestly say New Years for me has changed dramatically over the years. In my late teens it was all about my girlfriends and the best place to be, what time could we stay up till, in my early twenties it was about where i saw it in Overseas for a few years, then something happened…New years started to fizzle out??? I all of sudden couldn’t be in the ‘hub’ for New Years, I went from champagne to beer, Stilettos to flats, flats to havianas. Then I started a family and new years is amazing if you make it to 9pm to do new years for the kids; 12pm doesn’t even come close! How times have changed!

New years for me does get me all sentimental, I use to make a new years resolution and of course like many break it in the first week or even day, I will loose weight, I will start running, I will…well….break my resolution! But now, I reflect on the year, shed a tear at how much Miss C is so so so amazing and growing into such a beautiful little girl, how Mr H has grown way too quickly for my liking and still melts my heart with his gorgeous grin, how I started my business from scratch and now am amazed at what I am achieving (lets face it though, Fail is not in my vocabulary!) how I have commenced training to run a Marathon in 2013, how everyday I love my husband more and more and how I am so fortunate to have recently renovated our lovely house and made it a home. Clearly this could be tainted by the fact that we have had a HUGE restless night with both children and I even trekked into town this morning to get a coffee, as instant was not going to cut it, but, all in all, I am one lucky lady to have my loving husband in my life, who is an amazing support for myself and our children, and my family, I cant forget them!

I have an amazing support from my family; our family. My in-law family and immediate family, without them all I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I do. Most of this support is like phone a friend, but its all relevant, its how we survive. I miss so many of my family members all the time, Especially now I have kids, I want them to be involved in our life so much. I can never leave my brother or my sister without knowing when i will see them again, it makes the distance that little bit easier. Now unfortunately though Miss C shares my heartache with missing her uncles and aunties. But we survive right, we have to, life goes on and we are all busy and before we know it, we are here on New Years getting all sentimental about the year we had and what dreams and aspirations we have for the new year.

To my beautiful friends, you know who you are. You have supported me this year through everything and without your constant laughs, coffee dates, and endless text messaging, as lets face it, we don’t have time anymore to sit on the phone and catch up; Im not really sure where I would be…maybe I would still be in my PJs with my scrunchie in from 1990?? You definitely bring the best out in me 🙂

So here is to what I know will be a fabulous and exciting 2013! I set my goals early and they will be accomplished and you will hear all about them 🙂 I look forward to helping your business grow in 2013 in whatever Social Media path you choose and can not wait to see what surprises 2013 holds for us. Lets face it, life is dull without surprises!

Happy New Year Everyone!