Social Media…is it easy?

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Someone made comment that Social Media is ‘easy’ I laughed this off. But then i thought longer about this statement; Right….Social Media is easy, everyone can post on their newsfeed in Facebook (as most people associate social media to Facebook only) about how great their day is, how awful their weekend was, how wonderful life is….easy right, you type your thoughts and let the whole Social Media world know whats going on.

Social Media from a business sense…easy….arh I don’t think so. Clearly if its easy for you, you have nothing else to do with your time, absolutely nothing else to do…either that or you are not utilising the tools correctly, as there is nothing easy about this factor, otherwise why would their be people like myself, Social Media Managers. There is so much that goes into Social Media for a business. How often are you engaging with your fans? Are you covering all basis for all fans or just for one aspect of your business? Are you hash tagging? Are you using videos, on Instagram, you tube, loading them to Facebook? How do you engage your readers when you can see your stats are lowering and your loosing interest in them? What attracts your readers the most? Are all of your social media feeds linking back to your website? There is a small portion of aspects, if your managing all of the above, then you are doing swimmingly and no wonder its easy for you 🙂

I would like to hear your feedback on this topic, how do you feel with your business? Are you on top of it? Do you need to spend more time on Social Media? Are you maximising it to its full potential?

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To hashtag or not to hashtag?

So I see that Facebook has introduced Hashtags…welcome to the millennium I say 🙂 But so many people aren’t familiar with what a hashtag is. Are you?

I am familiar with them, obviously. I learnt the art of hashtagging when I began using twitter sometime ago. Then Instagram became available and they allowed the option of using hashtags. Now facebook has finally started! But a lot of you may have already jumped on the bandwagon, not knowing that the full benefits of hashtagging wont be available till 20th June…BUT as people are impatient, they have begun! Like any trend, correct?

But what is Hashtagging? What do you use it for? Well, according to Wikipedia, their definition is;

A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #.It is a form of metadata tag. Short messages on microblogging social networking services such as Twitter, Tout,, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ or Facebook may be tagged by putting “#” before important words, as in:

#Wikipedia is an #encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Hashtags provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for the  hash tag and get the set of messages that contain it.

Now I think there is a fair bit of ‘IT’ ‘Tech’ jargon in there, except for the last sentence, that makes sense to me. you?

So lets get some basics. Hashtagging from a business point of view is a vital tool. Want to get more exposure? Then this is it! If I want to write a status update for example: I am writing a blog on hashtagging #socialmedia #facebook #hashtagging

The words that follow the ‘#’ symbol will be in blue, now if you click on that highlighted word, it will show you all the posts that have used the same words, hence linking similar categories together, helping your business get more exposure. Follow?

Now from a personal point of view, hashtagging on my personal Facebook page, why would I bother? Really? My page is private, I like to keep it that way, how many people have open Facebook accounts? So please tell me why you would want to hash tag in your personal status allowing complete strangers to see your status. You may as well open your page to the public…really.

I could go on and on about my opinions in this, but I don’t want to bore you. You now know a basic understanding of what hashtagging does and when I believe is a useful tool and not a useful tool.

Till the next blog 🙂

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Social Media – Is it my new local paper?


youve got mailexciting news





Do you still read newspapers? Is this a ‘dinosaur’ thing of the past now? Or you love the ink stained finger tips you get from turning the pages and enjoying your coffee at the table reading whats the news in today’s society? Really….who has time for this? I cant even remember when I last brought a magazine, let alone a newspaper.

I recently found out some saddened news through facebook, it was there right in front of me before it has made the news or the newspapers. By the time i saw it on Sunrise (morning news) it wasn’t the latest story to me. Just made me piece the puzzle together and ponder the news longer.

As a business, Social Media is a vital tool for your resources, its quick and easy to get your message across, but is it a vital tool for personal use? When will my Miss C be looking at me with her bountiful blue eyes asking for a facebook account? Lets bear in mind she will be 3 next month. She knows how to spell her name, knows her counting, alphabet, phone number, but yesterday she blew me away. The latest phase is to browse a store with mum and run her hands through the clothing, as if she is browsing the colours or something, goodness knows, she probably is counting the threads on the clothing as she knows more than i do at times. Then she loves to be involved in the counter transaction, yesterday we were purchasing in a sporting store, she must notice the clothing now that it is such a store, asked me if the pictures of the people on the wall were my exercising friends, WOW! How did you know what store this was? So observant! Then we stand near the register, (my husband doesn’t read my blogs right???) make the transaction, the lady asks for my email address to enter a draw, sure, as long as its not another store card. I start with the name, then i get to the ‘@’ and follow with bigpond and Miss C pipes up,      ?????? I smiled and paused and suddenly thought, what is this? Now you know what an email address is? I continues to go over this the rest of the day, my email address, esp my personal one, is not something i am publicy saying anymore, lets face it, neither is your home phone number. So how does she know this?

It just made me think, this is her world right? Emails, Social Media, Blogging, will she miss the ‘old’ school newspapers and magazines? Will a magazine subscription for her be too dinosaur and ‘un cool’. This is the world we live in now, society rules the trends, the changes and the phases.

If you cant keep up, whats happens?

Facebook Calls Small Business’s

phone callWell hello there…Facebook called me! I know i hear you all say what??? When?? How?? Well i too had all of these thoughts going through my head. The lovely lady on the other end of the phone says to me she is calling from Facebook, they are located in New Zealand and they are calling on small business’s. Well a few too and fro phone calls later to arrange a suitable time i got to the bottom of this.

Facebook is calling to help small business’s with their marketing, i know right, how AMAZING is this!!!!! So i listen on. We discuss what i do, she said for my clients to get help they would have to use the minimum spend (i am presuming i am able to use this service as i have paid for advertising through Facebook, i do this when changes occur so i can report back to you all on the ups and downs) i said my clients would not be interested (after all i help the growth of their business), i was thinking to myself this would be great for my research and reporting back to you all – as i am rapidly typing now. I still can not get over the fact that they are in New Zealand calling us! WOW! would you like their direct number? 🙂

Moving on, as i was saying we touched base on what i did and then she said i would be allocated a marketing person to help me promote my business through Facebook – -WOW! YES PLEASE!!!!! Could you see i was still in shock i was actually speaking to a Facebook person….a real human being! All i had to do was use the required amount of advertising to be spent. I thought right…… the lovely (and she really was lovely, she had a New Zealand accent and was polite and friendly) lady said you “just” need to spend $50 a day for 30 days on advertising and we will allocate a marketing person to help you at no charge.

Can you hear that record sound go off, the one where you back the track up! Arh….how much??? Yes do the sums, $50 a day for 30 days, $1500 for the month and i get someone for free from the Marketing team. Arh, what else do i get for free from them??????? Because in a small business that is a whole heap of money and I’m wondering if i will at least get a pedicure for my tired feet also?????

I cant believe it!! I am in shock, so much so i am writing this straight away to warn you all about it! Be AWARE of this, they might just call you next!

Oh the lovely lady did say i would receive a voucher to spend on advertising…pretty sure it wont cover my advertising costs to be able to use their FREE services!

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Facebook Changes

Have you noticed the recent Facebook changes? Have you seen that all of a sudden you aren’t reaching numbers like you were before in your statistics? Well if you have noticed I am here to help…if you haven’t noticed, I am worried as these are changes you should be wary of and know that you can make your Facebook business page as profitable as possible even with the changes occurring!
Basically Facebook wants you to pay to promote your updates now. You may have seen this post circulating around business pages:

Since Facebook imposes page administrators to pay to promote their pages, only 10% of their fans receive the updates on their wall page if they don’t pay as a result.

To keep on RECEIVING POSTS you have to OPEN THE PAGE, hover the mouse on the “Like” button near the gear symbol. In the pop-up select “ADD TO INTEREST LISTS”.

So this is how business pages are trying to get their posts back in your news feeds…seems easy right? Well it does not stop there. Let me ask you this, when you posted this on your page, how many people liked it or commented on it? Did you see your ‘reached’ stats grow immensely on the next status update? I tested this..after all i have to right to teach you the do’s and dont’s. My next post…no different, my third post after this…no different. So what now ? Its crazy and rubbish so you decide to send people to twitter and your blogs.

Dont despair people! Facebook always makes changes…we don’t always like the change, we don’t always agree with it, but they come round in the end and things go back to the way we once liked them…most of the time. So the last thing you want to do is not be as persistent as you once were, as this will become a stale page otherwise, not a safe move people, keep them here.

Facebook is like a pyramid, I like this page, so you like this page, your sister likes this page who somewhere down the line is connected to my best friends cousin. Its viral, Social Media is viral. So we need to get back to basics..our old networking friend!

My last blog was all about the basics of networking. Here I am again harping on the same thing, as it will help with this change we are all dealing with. Although your posts aren’t reaching ALL of your current likers, you can gain new ones, and the new ones will help you network and gain the old ones back in the news feeds…how, because we are all connected!

So here it is..I leave you with this: Want lots more shares? Share other people’s content!  Reach out and say hello to people online – Above all, respond to those who reach out to you, (be sure to respond to peoples posts as your business, not your personal self, this will not help your business network!)  This is one that drives me insane!  Why would I continue to share your content and pay attention to you if you never even bother to thank me or at least say hello when I send you an @mention ?  I can hear you saying, but Woolworths (Australian Supermarket) doesn’t respond to every mention, well of course they don’t, but are you as popular as them? Exactly…how many hundreds of thousands of people are following you online right now?  Tens of thousands? No? Unless you have hundreds and thousands of people reaching out to you online daily then you probably aren’t successful enough to adopt their strategies. We all have bad days.  We all have crazy weeks. But this is a vital business tool that you need to be adapting and making time for, this is what will help you grow!

You can overcome this Facebook change by adapting these few simple steps.

Facebook Networking

Working in Social Media and helping other business’s grow is the beginning of introducing them to different Social Media platforms. What I find a challenge is training the ‘other’ business’s that I am networking with to do the same. Here is a few simple steps to network with other business’s on your news feed.

1) A vital tip is if you don’t have anything interesting to comment, then don’t comment at all. Commenting on a post when it may be irrelevant or unprofessional looking will only look bad on your part.

2) A simple like on business updates is all that is required, this will help the circle of networking begin creating this wonderful circle of Social Media that we love for our business.

3) A comment can help in ways that you will never know. This will show other business’s that you have done so, it will create a network with the business you are commenting on, its a fantastic way to begin.

4) Don’t neglect your news feed. People get caught up in the Facebook pages app, which doesn’t have a news feed, or they get so caught up in working on their own front page they forget the behind the scenes. Its like this, if you are constantly changing your website behind the scenes, then its the same for Facebook, work behind the scenes, not just the face of your front page.

Hopefully this will help some business’s out there and I will see you networking alongside Popfizzle.

Managing pages from your Iphone App

Being a Social Media manager of several companies, I was in need of a useful app that allowed me to do everything in one clean movement, then this App arrived. Now I know it was released some time ago, but however it had awful reviews so I was reluctant to utilize this app.

Now I have caved and given in. It is great to post as each different business and not have the worry of weather I am signed in as myself or them, its already set up. For on the go, it does the job, however there is so many glitches that need attending I feel. It definitely needs a news feed as I am not able to network with other likes whilst on this, it is purely for viewing on the business page, and it seems slow at times to refresh, sometimes I can see a post on my timeline and I receive notification later about this.

I have read several reviews on this app and know I am not alone. The other thing is it isn’t available on android nor the Ipad as yet. Wonder when this will come?

What are your thoughts on this app? Do you use it for your business?