Popfizzle was started in 2012 when the creator of Popfizzle Rebecca had decided that the Social Media world was moving so quickly and business’s were being left behind. Rebecca saw a niche in the market to start a Social Media business and offer various services to help Business’s grow in the Social Media World.

For the last seven years Rebecca has worked as a successful  Real Estate Property Manager where she managed an extensive portfolio of properties and had a large influence on the marketing for the company she worked for. Rebecca also worked alongside a well known reputable party plan company as a consultant and also behind the scenes running their Social Media. It was after 12 months of working on Social Media that Rebecca decided to launch out on her own and create Popfizzle the business of Social Media Managing.

Having the knowledge and experience from her previous workplace life, Rebecca has realized that business’s are too busy to focus on Social Media, or they aren’t aware of the benefits it can have on your business and how it can create more clientele for you.

Popfizzle’s portfolio shows how Rebecca is fluent in her field and how Popfizzle can help your business to not only launch into the Social Media world, but take you on the journey through various networks so you don’t get left behind!


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