To hashtag or not to hashtag?

So I see that Facebook has introduced Hashtags…welcome to the millennium I say ๐Ÿ™‚ But so many people aren’t familiar with what a hashtag is. Are you?

I am familiar with them, obviously. I learnt the art of hashtagging when I began using twitter sometime ago. Then Instagram became available and they allowed the option of using hashtags. Now facebook has finally started! But a lot of you may have already jumped on the bandwagon, not knowing that the full benefits of hashtagging wont be available till 20th June…BUT as people are impatient, they have begun! Like any trend, correct?

But what is Hashtagging? What do you use it for? Well, according to Wikipedia, their definition is;

A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #.It is a form of metadata tag. Short messages on microblogging social networking services such as Twitter, Tout,, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ or Facebook may be tagged by putting “#” before important words, as in:

#Wikipedia is an #encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Hashtags provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for theย  hash tag and get the set of messages that contain it.

Now I think there is a fair bit of ‘IT’ ‘Tech’ jargon in there, except for the last sentence, that makes sense to me. you?

So lets get some basics. Hashtagging from a business point of view is a vital tool. Want to get more exposure? Then this is it! If I want to write a status update for example: I am writing a blog on hashtagging #socialmedia #facebook #hashtagging

The words that follow the ‘#’ symbol will be in blue, now if you click on that highlighted word, it will show you all the posts that have used the same words, hence linking similar categories together, helping your business get more exposure. Follow?

Now from a personal point of view, hashtagging on my personal Facebook page, why would I bother? Really? My page is private, I like to keep it that way, how many people have open Facebook accounts? So please tell me why you would want to hash tag in your personal status allowing complete strangers to see your status. You may as well open your page to the public…really.

I could go on and on about my opinions in this, but I don’t want to bore you. You now know a basic understanding of what hashtagging does and when I believe is a useful tool and not a useful tool.

Till the next blog ๐Ÿ™‚

facebook hashtag


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