End of a decade…

birthdaySo many things happen in a decade, no matter what decade of your life it is, 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc etc. But this is my turn to discuss decades, and not Social Media, as today, its all about me 🙂 How often do we ever take ‘me’ time and make it all about me? To be honest though, my me time today has consisted of work, cleaning the house, mowing the lawns etc etc. You see i am 30 tomorrow, and i am having a party on Saturday so the family starts arriving tomorrow, so you make the extra special effort to make your house look un-lived in and immaculate…as long as it lasts till there arrival i say 🙂

So much happened in this decade for me. I ceased my solo travels, met my husband Mr Popfizzle, moved to a place i didnt even know exisited on this earth, started a new love for living on the land, learnt how to drive a tractor, muster cattle, live on a farm, had two children (Miss C & Mr H), started my business and made so many amazing memories with people who mean so much to me, i just want to squeeze them all so much and tell them how much they mean to me. Because without the footprints they have left with me, my road may not have been so memorable and enjoyable. Some people may have left my side, but they need to know, i think about them all the time, no matter the reasons why you left, or where you are.

I am so lucky for the love of my sister, she is about to become a mother and i couldn’t be prouder of her, her husband is so supportive and amazing, they will make wonderful parents. My sister is one of those people who has achieved so much in life, is gracious in her personality and will pull something from our childhood at a random time and have me in stitches. We are sisters, but our bond is stronger than ever before i believe, and now as she takes a turn down parenthood lane, i can not wait to share this next part of her life with her and her husband.

Now my sister in law…everyone has one, like them or not, i have several, but this one, my brothers wife, she is a gem. She has become my best friend. My brother(who is such a calming person – i think we have a happy medium as im 100miles an hour and get it done and he is the complete opposite) is so lucky to have her by his side, and they have wonderful children, she is my Mr Google, you know, something is wrong with my kids, i ring her. Im so lucky to have her in my life. She means more to me than she will ever know.

My girlfriends, new and old, they are the glue that holds it all together aren’t they. I hope they know that they are my spirit level….they make me balance out so many things in life!

My husband…he is the one. It and a bit. I cant wait for several decades to come with him.

My birthday wish…i mean, i could wish for no family conflict, as lets face it, when everyone gets together under one roof its hard work, i could wish for no headaches from wines that will be consumed, i could wish for me to wake up tomorrow and slip back into those jeans like it was 1999, but in reality, you have to roll with the punches, thats life. There will be headaches, conflict, drama drama drama, and i dont even know where those jeans would be from 1999. My wish will be for everyone that i have ever made a footprint in their life, that they are safe..that you close your eyes and think of our favourite time we have had together, as i know ill think of all of you and how you made me laugh and smile.

Happy Birthday to me….see you all for the next decade.



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