Facebook Changes

Confession time, it has been quite some time since my last Blog as i have been super busy flying through the Social Media world making new connections and doing some market research to bring you my thoughts on Social Media and here is what i have been up to! Facebook has made the change about not allowing business pages to reach all of your viewers, they want you to pay, so business page owners have been posting the following which you may have seen somewhere:

Since Facebook imposes page administrators to pay to promote their pages, only 10% of their fans receive the updates on their wall page if they don’t pay as a result.

To keep on RECEIVING POSTS you have to OPEN THE PAGE, hover the mouse on the “Like” button near the gear symbol. In the pop-up select “ADD TO INTEREST LISTS”.

Doing so will assure that you continue getting posts from the pages you love including *insert business page here*

(There is some variations out there i have seen).

Am i right? So you all navigate over to the page and do as it has asked. In the meantime you have a slight panic and think, how am i going to get my insights up? Reach more people again?

Now i have been watching EVERYONE do this, Social Media is such a virus network. One person posts, everyone posts and next thing you are all doing it. So i tried it, yes i was hesitant for many reasons – which i will explain below, and funnily enough, my theory was right.

Some business pages might not have even noticed their insights change – that they weren’t reaching many people at all.

Now, let me ask you a few questions. You navigate over to the drop down bar and pop the page in your interests list, now do you go into your interest list and view it? As a business owner, you have posted this to your fans, you feel a sigh of relief thinking you have made a dramatic change and it will all be fixed – let me ask you this. How have you gained back the fans that are already missing from your news feeds? You post this message above but that doesn’t gain back two thirds of the people who are still missing does it? So how are you getting them back? They still don’t see your *Important Information post*.

Interesting isn’t it. You post something about regaining interaction with your Facebook people – yet you cant be seen to them in the first place so how will they see this post?

Am i making sense to you now? Your clutching at a dead end, hanging on to the straws and they just keep breaking. Sorry to burst your bubble of relief and now you haven’t drawn a breath again and i have shown you the light and you now can see sense in it all!

You need to know how to engage with your fans – how to bring them to the home straight and help you generate business again.

I don’t think your answer is getting rid of your Facebook page or letting it become stale. Continue to use your Facebook page – engage with the clientele you still have there that are seeing your posts.

There is so many other ways to bring your fans back and also create new ones. You can blog, twitter, You Tube and so on. The basic fundamentals of Social Media.

Popfizzle can help set up all of your Social Media avenues and show you how to use them all. Ask questions people! Network with business owners. PLEASE if a business comments on your status as there business page – return the favor by giving them acknowledgment by mentioning them back – so they are highlighted in blue. It really is Social Media etiquette.

Stay tuned on what you should be doing to engage better on Facebook with your fans 🙂


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