Facebook Changes

Have you noticed the recent Facebook changes? Have you seen that all of a sudden you aren’t reaching numbers like you were before in your statistics? Well if you have noticed I am here to help…if you haven’t noticed, I am worried as these are changes you should be wary of and know that you can make your Facebook business page as profitable as possible even with the changes occurring!
Basically Facebook wants you to pay to promote your updates now. You may have seen this post circulating around business pages:

Since Facebook imposes page administrators to pay to promote their pages, only 10% of their fans receive the updates on their wall page if they don’t pay as a result.

To keep on RECEIVING POSTS you have to OPEN THE PAGE, hover the mouse on the “Like” button near the gear symbol. In the pop-up select “ADD TO INTEREST LISTS”.

So this is how business pages are trying to get their posts back in your news feeds…seems easy right? Well it does not stop there. Let me ask you this, when you posted this on your page, how many people liked it or commented on it? Did you see your ‘reached’ stats grow immensely on the next status update? I tested this..after all i have to right to teach you the do’s and dont’s. My next post…no different, my third post after this…no different. So what now ? Its crazy and rubbish so you decide to send people to twitter and your blogs.

Dont despair people! Facebook always makes changes…we don’t always like the change, we don’t always agree with it, but they come round in the end and things go back to the way we once liked them…most of the time. So the last thing you want to do is not be as persistent as you once were, as this will become a stale page otherwise, not a safe move people, keep them here.

Facebook is like a pyramid, I like this page, so you like this page, your sister likes this page who somewhere down the line is connected to my best friends cousin. Its viral, Social Media is viral. So we need to get back to basics..our old networking friend!

My last blog was all about the basics of networking. Here I am again harping on the same thing, as it will help with this change we are all dealing with. Although your posts aren’t reaching ALL of your current likers, you can gain new ones, and the new ones will help you network and gain the old ones back in the news feeds…how, because we are all connected!

So here it is..I leave you with this: Want lots more shares? Share other people’s content!  Reach out and say hello to people online – Above all, respond to those who reach out to you, (be sure to respond to peoples posts as your business, not your personal self, this will not help your business network!)  This is one that drives me insane!  Why would I continue to share your content and pay attention to you if you never even bother to thank me or at least say hello when I send you an @mention ?  I can hear you saying, but Woolworths (Australian Supermarket) doesn’t respond to every mention, well of course they don’t, but are you as popular as them? Exactly…how many hundreds of thousands of people are following you online right now?  Tens of thousands? No? Unless you have hundreds and thousands of people reaching out to you online daily then you probably aren’t successful enough to adopt their strategies. We all have bad days.  We all have crazy weeks. But this is a vital business tool that you need to be adapting and making time for, this is what will help you grow!

You can overcome this Facebook change by adapting these few simple steps.


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