Facebook Networking

Working in Social Media and helping other business’s grow is the beginning of introducing them to different Social Media platforms. What I find a challenge is training the ‘other’ business’s that I am networking with to do the same. Here is a few simple steps to network with other business’s on your news feed.

1) A vital tip is if you don’t have anything interesting to comment, then don’t comment at all. Commenting on a post when it may be irrelevant or unprofessional looking will only look bad on your part.

2) A simple like on business updates is all that is required, this will help the circle of networking begin creating this wonderful circle of Social Media that we love for our business.

3) A comment can help in ways that you will never know. This will show other business’s that you have done so, it will create a network with the business you are commenting on, its a fantastic way to begin.

4) Don’t neglect your news feed. People get caught up in the Facebook pages app, which doesn’t have a news feed, or they get so caught up in working on their own front page they forget the behind the scenes. Its like this, if you are constantly changing your website behind the scenes, then its the same for Facebook, work behind the scenes, not just the face of your front page.

Hopefully this will help some business’s out there and I will see you networking alongside Popfizzle.


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