The basics of LinkedIn

LinkedIn….what is it? Why should I be on it? I can imagine you received your first LinkedIn invite and thought, I don’t have time for another Social Media platform to take up my time, something else I have to update and make an effort with. Plus you were probably thinking, what is it anyway? It was showing you who was connected to who, how you could connect to the person who was a friend of a friend who worked with them ten years ago, why would you want to connect with them anyway….am I close? So you may have sat on it….watched the world go by reluctantly thinking, I don’t think I need this. Are you sitting here nodding your head?

How wrong were you?

So lets get the definition of LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps you discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. It strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.

So you discovered this and the lights went on, and you were hooked. But how far did you go into it. LinkedIn needs to be traceable on all platforms of Social Media that you have. Why you ask. Perfect; continue reading.

SEO for your Blog or Website. Since LinkedIn profiles tend to rank well in Google, having linked from your profile to your other websites or blogs can help their page rank as well. Make sure you have your options set to “Full View” so that Google can see your link when crawling LinkedIn.

So then what else can you use LinkedIn for? Great, here are a ‘few’ tools of this amazing Social Media site!

LinkedIn can find someone needing your services TODAY! You can ask all sorts of questions within the LinkedIn Answers function. I have seen people requesting referrals looking for someone to help them.

Keep an eye on your competitors. LinkedIn, especially the Job Boards, are a great way to monitor what your competitors are doing. Are they cutting back? Are they expanding? Are they creating new strategic positions?

Establish yourself as an expert. By answering questions within LinkedIn Answers, you can establish yourself as an expert on the topics you are good at. As a LinkedIn Expert, you will receive more exposure and credibility when someone is looking for a professional in your field.

This is just the beginning. LinkedIn will help you as a person become more connected in the Social Media World!


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