Managing pages from your Iphone App

Being a Social Media manager of several companies, I was in need of a useful app that allowed me to do everything in one clean movement, then this App arrived. Now I know it was released some time ago, but however it had awful reviews so I was reluctant to utilize this app.

Now I have caved and given in. It is great to post as each different business and not have the worry of weather I am signed in as myself or them, its already set up. For on the go, it does the job, however there is so many glitches that need attending I feel. It definitely needs a news feed as I am not able to network with other likes whilst on this, it is purely for viewing on the business page, and it seems slow at times to refresh, sometimes I can see a post on my timeline and I receive notification later about this.

I have read several reviews on this app and know I am not alone. The other thing is it isn’t available on android nor the Ipad as yet. Wonder when this will come?

What are your thoughts on this app? Do you use it for your business?


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