Social Media

Social Media, what is it? Why do you need it? Why does my Friday night consist of talking to friends around the dinner table about Facebook, twitter, Flickr, blogging and so on: does this sound like common questions you ask yourself? Our everyday lives now are about Social Media, who’s on it, what can we do on it, and most importantly…how does it work?

Popfizzle can manage your Social Media Accounts. We offer two different types of platforms; we offer a set up of your Social Media Accounts, and 2 hours training to show you how they all tie in together and how to drive them yourself in the future.

The second option we have, which seems more common, is we will manage your social networks for you. Social Media can be time consuming, especially if you are unaware of how to find your way around it, or how to repair it, how to create more avenues for your business.

Send popfizzle an email today to discuss the options further and take the pressure off yourself and allow us to send your business soaring through the Social Media Networks for you.



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