The Facebook User

Interesting fact about the average Facebook user, statistics show that they spend up to 55minutes a day on Facebook. Now i know for certain i would spend ALOT more time on Facebook, after all, being a social media manager our business revolves around these sites and gaining these statistics. But honestly, the other facts are just as interesting and i would like to touch base on them.

This ‘average’ user they have done this statistic on shows they click the like button 9 times, writes 25 comments, becomes a fan of 2 pages is invited to 3 events and a member of 12 groups…wait for it…per month!

So where am i going with this interesting fact you ask. Well….we all know this person, sometimes, we are just not sure how to attract this person to our page. They are liking 2 pages a month! Imagine if you could target this person and have them on your page and let the social media network do its viral thing and attract more of these so called ‘average’ people.

Well you can! We can help you do this! Popfizzle does this day in and day out for business’s, helping them gain more knowledge on Facebook and other various sites and we are continually doing more extensive training and research to be up to date with all the facts and knowledge we can to help your business grow!


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